Are you frustrated by acne? Whether you suffer from mild, moderate or severe acne, at Healthy Skin Centre we can help you obtain clear, beautiful skin using our STOP Acne program.  Acne affects men and women, teens and adults. It makes you self-conscious and can leave your skin covered with scars for life.

What is Acne?

Acne is the medical term for pimples. Pimples happen when pores get clogged with dead skin and oil, and bacteria build up. Then the skin gets inflamed and can turn red or swell. As acne heals, it often leaves hyperpigmented (dark) patches or scars on the skin that are permanent.

What is the STOP Acne Program?

The STOP Program was developed by the doctors at Healthy Skin Centre to help patient treat their acne. STOP stands for:

S – Skincare

T – Topical Medications

O – Oral Prescriptions

P – Prevention of Acne Scars + Perfect Skin

What Causes Acne?

Acne is caused by a combination of factors and affect 90% of people at some point in their life.  Oily skin, pollution, stress, make-up, hormones, bacteria, inflammation and diet all play a role. When all of these factors are addressed in an integrated manner you will start to see your skin clear up dramatically.

Pre and Post STOP ACNE Treatment

Stop_ACNE - Healthy Skin Centre

This young male patient came to see us to discuss options to improve his acne in preparation for his upcoming wedding. We started him on our STOP acne program, exclusive to Healthy Skin Centre. Seven months later and he is looking his best for his big day. He plans to return in the future to improve his residual acne scarring.

Stop ACNE, Example 1 - Healthy Skin Centre

This lovely female patient came in to see us to discuss options to improve her acne and acne scarring. She had tried using skin care from other clinics in the past, but had not received the results she was hoping for. We started this patient on our STOP acne program and followed up with her to guide and support her along the way. She was very happy with the improvements to her acne and additionally, her pore size and the overall radiance of her skin. These photos were taken four months apart.

Stop Acne Female 2, Healthy Skin Centre

This patient came into our office to discuss solutions for her acne and acne scarring. She had been using skincare products recommended by another dermatologist but was hoping for more of an improvement. She started on our STOP Acne program exclusive to Healthy Skin Centre and had noticed significant improvements to her cystic acne and areas of discoloration that were caused by her acne.

Stop Acne Female 1, Healthy Skin Centre

This patient came to see us after a long-standing history of acne. She had been on multiple medications including Accutane and topical medications, but she continued to struggle with her acne. We started her on our STOP acne program to improve her Acne vulgaris to improve the overall health and appearance of her skin. With nine months of time and consistency, these results were achieved.

Acne On Arm, Healthy Skin Centre

This patient came to see us at Healthy Skin Centre to review options to treat her facial and body acne. She had tried many over the counter drug store products to improve her skin, but was not happy with her results. We started the patient on our STOP acne program to treat both her face and arms. These results were achieved after nine months’ time.

Is There Anything I Can Do On My Own To Reduce Acne?

Yes. The way you take care of your skin has a big effect on your acne. Here’s what Dr. Nasseri recommends for all patients who suffer from acne:

  • Wash your face no more than twice a day. Use warm – not hot – water, and do not use harsh soaps. Instead, use a gentle non-soap facial skin cleanser. We can recommend the correct acne cleanser depending on your skin type.
  • Do not scrub your face, because that can make acne worse and damage the skin.
  • Do not pick or squeeze pimples. This can make acne worse and damage the skin. Plus it can lead to infections.
  • Avoid oil-based make-up and skin products. They can make acne worse. If you use a moisturizer for your face, a moisturizer labeled as “non-comedogenic” is often best. Most often, oily skin does not need a moisturizer – it needs hydration.

Can I Treat My Own Acne?

Most people with acne have tried multiple over the counter acne products without the results they were looking for. Book in to see one of our skin care experts who can make recommendations specifically for your skin and lifestyle.

How is Acne Treated at Healthy Skin Centre and What is the STOP Acne Program?

At Healthy Skin Centre, we offer a variety of treatments to target acne, acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation secondary to acne – these are patches of dark skin that remain for months or years even once the acne is gone.

The STOP acne program was created by the doctors at Healthy Skin Centre to treat acne using a combination of medical-grade skin care products, light based therapies and prescriptions depending on your skin and type of acne. There is no one medication or treatment that works best – everyone is unique and has different skin care needs. Also, what may work for you in the winter, may stop working in the summer – your skin care changes with the seasons and your life.

Treatment options in the STOP ACNE program include:

  • Medical Grade Skincare and Prescription Medication
  • Photodynamic Therapy -PDT for acne
  • Collagen PIN Microneedling for acne scars and hyperpigmentation
  • Peels for Acne
  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation for acne and rosacea acne

After your one on one consultation with one of our skin care consultants and Dr. Nasseri, we will recommend either one of the combination that best suits your skin. Our STOP acne program involves follow up every 2-3 months with one of our skin experts to ensure we keep one step ahead of your skin care needs and prevent acne and scarring before it occurs.

What if I Want to Get Pregnant?

If you want to get pregnant, let us know. Some of the medications used to treat acne should be avoided during pregnancy.

Will my Diet Affect my Acne?

Some patients find that certain foods can trigger their acne. More research is needed to understand the link between the types of foods people eat and acne.

How Much Will it Cost to Treat my Acne?

Most patients who come to see us have already spent a fortune on internet and drug store products, spa services and prescriptions that either didn’t suit them or failed to clear up their skin.

The STOP acne program was designed by doctors to help you meet your unique skin care needs. If you follow our team’s direction your skin will improve and you will be happy with your investment.

First we will ask you to invest time in caring for your skin, about 15 minutes a day. You will see your skin start to improve within 6 weeks.

You should expect to invest approximately $300-500 for your initial skin care products and one light based therapy depending on your needs. Your products should last 3-4 months if used as directed and then can be replenished as needed. Ongoing use of effective medical grade acne skin care products costs no more than the drug store products you may have been using without satisfactory results.

We ask you to see us every 6-8 weeks while your skin is improving so we can document your progress and advise you on how to adjust your skin care products and prescriptions. The cost of these visits is included in your initial consultation fee for up to one year.

The cost of prescription products varies from $20-200 and your pharmacist will advise you of the cost, which may be covered by extended health care plans. If you elect to have facials, peels or microneedling the cost varies per treatment. Ask us how to save on your treatments with our bundled packages. The cost of not treating your acne successfully is a lifetime of scarred skin. The cost of clear, healthy skin is priceless.

Do you Want Beautiful, Healthy Skin?

Healthy skin is beautiful skin, so let us help you improve the health of your skin. Book your consultation today at 604.553.7546 (SKIN) and take your first step to healthy, beautiful skin.

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